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Installation guide

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What you need

1 x Trimmer

1x  Router template

100mm Epoxy or Poly Resin

1 x SURFSAFE retail kit

1 x  Tape Measure

1 x FCS hole saw

1 x  drill

1 x blade

1 x plastic scrapper or blunt instrument

The SURFSAFE unit is easiest installed in the pre glassing stage of manufacture.

Steps to installation

1. Position the template between the fins measure 900mm forward making sure there is 400 mm clearance from the nose.

2. Once happy with the position remove the backing from the double sided tape and position on the desired centre line for PU boards or EPS boards.

3. Once template is stuck to board use the trimmer and FCS router set to standard 18mm depth , trim and remove the required foam. Check the unit fits into the new hole securely.

4. Measure 900mm from top of new hole towards the nose of the board and mark. Next drill a 5mm deep hole next to the stringer.

5. Clear the centre of the hole using the fcs reaming tool and tube.

6. Run a blade along the side of stringer from the front hole to rear approximately 8mm in depth.

7. Pour a small amount of resin and Qcell mix in the front hole and insert the white disk ( electrode) making sure it is 1mm below the surface of the board.

8. Insert the cable into the slot along the stringer and push down using the blunt tool or plastic scraper.

9. Wipe some resin mix along the sides of the other hole and insert the SURFSAFE unit.

10. Check all parts ( Unit / cable and electrode are all at least 1mm below the surface of the board.

11. The board and the SURFSAFE unit are now ready for lamination.

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